Understanding Spiritual Intelligence SQ

Three-Dimensions-of-IntelligenceSpiritual Intelligence has many meanings, definitions and connotations. My thinking of around Spiritual Intelligence is as follows: It is who you actually are when you are secure in who you are as a person, when you are secure in yourself the intelligence, the emotions and the beliefs of other people do not affect you.

Spiritual Intelligence to me is when you can objectively learn from the opinions, emotions and religious convictions of others. You are secure in your own foundation and are open enough to learn from others, in very simple terms you have learnt to eat the chicken and spit out the bones.

This was another TWOG – a Twitter like Blog of 140 words. What are your views on Spiritual Intelligence, I would really like to hear your perspective around SQ?

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3 Responses to Understanding Spiritual Intelligence SQ

  1. Desmond says:

    SQ is the most fundamental intelligence in leadership. Some master it by hiding their spiritual affiliation while other stumble on it and fail others. It doesn’t originate from your religious background it breakthrough in limitation of knowledge and be able to live without any perception about the others spiritual affiliation. Is the most difficult one to master according to me since it challenges your core belief system that plays a role in your actions in most cases until you mature in it.

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