Social Selling (Part Three) – What are people wanting to buy?

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 1.14.34 PMAs we continue our series on Social Selling, in the last two parts we looked at What is Selling? and Who is the Customer? and now we ask the question What are people wanting to buy?

People only buy what they want to buy, unless what you selling is something they need they will not buy it – if you are hard selling or if the only reason you have to connect with people is to get a sale from them, then you could be wasting a lot of your precious time. How then can we be more strategic about connecting with people and selling to them? Is a question I often hear.

Firstly because people do not want to be sold to and if they can sense that you are only connecting with them to get a sale from them (yes people can sense that very easily) then you are not using the opportunity to it’s fullest. Because the opportunity is actually to connect with people and make a difference in their lives and not yours (it’s not about YOU or the money you might earn). Now that we have established that truth, the question still remains what do they actually want to buy? They wan’t to buy YOU.

What are YOU offering them? Not what product or service do you want to sell to them – this may sound obscure. Well it is and if you have not realised it, things have changed or in real terms perhaps they have not changed at all. What people are wanting to buy has never changed, the idea of what they want; may have been obscured by Marketing and Advertising but I will deal with that in another article. So again I ask what are YOU offering your customers? Effectively you should be offering everybody the same value proposition, you will probably just want to be a little more specific and targeted to ensure you reach the right customers.

What are YOU offering everyone you meet?

I have used the word YOU, but this is applicable to all of us, when it comes to people skills we can all do better. Are we showing people we care? Do they get the feeling we are interested in them or are we trying to be interesting? Are we listening to people – 80% of our success comes simply from listening and then acting on what we have heard.

Through listening we will find out what our customers really want. Do they want to tell us about the experience they have had with our product or perhaps a competitors product? Would they like to tell us about their children and their achievements? Perhaps they would like to tell us about themselves and some of their challenges. Prepare yourself that they may never want to listen to you initially, but that does not mean they won’t buy from you. They simply want to know they can trust you, the way you listen to them and the advice you give when they have asked for it.

Customers are wanting to know they can trust YOU, this is what they BUY.

In this series we look at the following aspects of Social Selling :

  • Self Promotion
  • The power of sharing.
  • What is the job of the salesperson?
  • Marketing and Advertising.

Please let me know what areas you would like me to cover and don’t hesitate to disagree with something I may say.

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6 Responses to Social Selling (Part Three) – What are people wanting to buy?

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  6. the pain in the ass says:

    Yes, i understand, however some individuals have difficulties in demonstrating interest untill they know for sure that what they think they see is what their going to get. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous sellers and buyers and some people find themselves going bout life with caution.


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