Social Selling (Part Four) – Self Promotion

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 9.10.30 PMWe continue with the series on Social Selling and the question is ‘Can you promote yourself?’ and how much can we actually promote the company we work for (yes even if you are a salesperson for that company)?

Before we go any further please understand the one rule of self promotion:

You can promote anybody, but you can never promote yourself!

Self promotion is no promotion, it is simple arrogance and if you would like to become irrelevant and be seen as extremely arrogant promote yourself, yes simply promote yourself. So the reverse of that statement is ‘Anybody can promote you, and you can promote them, but you can never promote yourselves!’

Find friends and collaborate, their are so many ways to promote each other – one of the best I have found is detailed in my article 10 Keys to Menteeship – from #FriedTwitterTales. The more creative we can be the better we will be able to promote what we do, but we have to change our thinking away from all types of self-promotion.

What if we work for a company, is it okay to promote the company?

If we were only looking at an absolute answer I would definitely say NO. There are some exceptions to this rule, but look out for repetition and over promotion. Repetition is always a problem as advertising has told us that people need to hear something seven times before they will remember it. It’s great if someone can hear about it from seven different and preferably independent sources, but when they hear it from you it raises two authentic questions in the mind of the prospective customer. They are 1) You must think I am stupid if you need to keep repeating things to me. 2) You obviously don’t believe in your product if you have to keep overselling it to me. Beware of over promotion, it happens so easily.

It is a challenge, but try promote others and others will promote you – it is not a new concept but perhaps one we have forgotten in our busy need to be successful lives. There is enough sunshine for everyone and an old saying that says ‘the rising tide lifts all the ships’.

In this series we look at the following aspects of Social Selling :

Please let me know what areas you would like me to cover and don’t hesitate to disagree with something I may say.

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3 Responses to Social Selling (Part Four) – Self Promotion

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  3. the pain in the ass says:

    People who self promote normally have something to hide! There is no better feeling then making someone feel good about themselves, my students may be criticized but the tail end is something positive something that encourages them to strive harder. Initially i find that if i promote my students effectively at they end of the placement they’re better sellers.


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