Social Selling (Part Seven) – Marketing and Advertising

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 1.43.51 PMThis is the last in the series on Social Selling, if you have been following the articles, you will probably be wondering what role does marketing and advertising have to play in Social Selling. Lets look at each of the roles separately:


For entrepreneurs : Marketing is all about personal branding, do as much as you possibly can to get your name known, participate in public events, speak whenever you can and network, network, network – consistency is key in building your brand. Marketing is about managing perceptions and the most important perception that people can have of you is that you are always visible and approachable.

For companies and organisations : Marketing is all about the great people (the personal brands) that work within your company or organisation, think about what the personal brands are doing and what I have suggested above, then duplicate that in your own companies and organisations. The stories of those brands should be known and shared by the other great people in your company. This abundant attitude from the people within your companies and organisations will build reputation. When it comes to marketing remember their is no hierarchy – so everyone should talk about and promote everyone’s stories to all the people they meet. This is known as edification and it works wonder when done well. For further clarity read Self Promotion.


This need not cost you a lot of money and if you have no money you can still advertise, Social Media has opened this opportunity to get know and promote everything except yourself. Don’t become monotonous and always look for new opportunities of gaining attention. What worked last year no longer works, and last months success is already forgotten, when it comes to advertising the question is ‘what are you doing that has never been done, find that and do more of that. Get noticed, if you fail to get noticed you have wasted your time.

In this series we looked at the following aspects of Social Selling :

Please let me know what areas you would like me to cover and don’t hesitate to disagree with something I may say.

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1 Response to Social Selling (Part Seven) – Marketing and Advertising

  1. the pain in the ass says:

    Ahhhh…..this is a tricky one! Some individuals I have encountered dont want to be centre of attention but are very content being on the fringes observing and promoting. They may become centre of attention by being themselves, but they dont seek it as they are uncomfortable being the focus of many eyes!
    Advertising is all well and good as long as you have something to sell and the product is acceptable. Variations of advertisments if required are considered and developed normally within teams but also alone.


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