Leadership is simple … Have you tasted your pet’s food?

7420304632_ba668c010bSeems weird, but why would you buy your pet any food you have not tasted? Surely if you think of them as your best friend or even part of the family; you would care about how their food tastes. I have and what I have found is that the food I think is tasty my dog also likes more than the food I find to be a little bland. It’s strange how our belief about ‘how something is, in this case dog food must be only for dogs’ has kept us from the real action that is needed in many situations.

So as parents to real children, are we asking what is good and bad for them, are we prepared to experience the food they eat or for that matter what about the Social Media sites they are active on, we can never judge something to be good or bad unless we have tried it for ourselves and then understood to see if we can find enough flavour for ourselves. Too often we believe the masses and just because a 1000 say it is good or bad, if we believe the masses we are not a leader and I would hesitate to say we are poor followers.

Leadership is a funny thing when you think about it, as it seems to be something that we aspire to as opposed to something we do … We should be thinking one thing when we think leadership and that is ACTION. Whatever we do, must be about what we actually DO.

There is too much talk about what we are going to do, instead of just simply doing it. We have become master thinkers, not master doers. This makes us procrastinators not leaders. I often talk about the emotional opposites to words and I have just realised that the opposite of the word leader is procrastinator.

The truth about leadership is that it is never about a title, our highest purpose as a human is to make a difference in the lives of others. Therefore we need to start simply with those around us … We so easily forget that leadership starts with us and the actions we do at home, can then spread out into the world.

Have an action packed life filled with practical life changing leadership. Tell me what you think of your pets food.

Photo credit: ZTW1 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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