The Three Questions all Leaders Need to Ask

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.03.36 AMSeth Godin gives us this set of blueprint-questions about gaining attention and relevance:

  1. Who are you challenging or disrupting??

Whose apple cart are you upsetting? If you’re following the rules just like everyone else, you will need to understand that this means you are just like everyone else. Thus if you are looking for attention and relevance, you will need to make some new, status quo-challenging decisions and changes if your desire is to be a leader.

  1. Who are you connecting with?

Find your passion, and you’ve discovered your purpose.

Once you’ve discovered your passion and you’ve challenged/disrupted some (or many!) people, ask: Who am I connecting with? Secure and build on the relationships by making them feel important. People have a deep need to feel missed in their absence — confirming they do indeed belong.

Your job then, as a leader, is to connect with them effectively and then tell them you miss them when they don’t show up and participate.

  1. Who are you leading?

Know the people you are serving.

Through your conversations, connections and communications with those who follow you, you will be able to pick up on their needs in detail if you listen with intention. In turn, they will respond to the feeling of being listened to you by giving you the relevant attention and relevance.

People are waiting for you to show up in your uniqueness and show them where to go next.

This text was originally published in my second book titled ‘Mug and Tweet – Social Communication in the Digital Age.’

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