THINK … Do we need OPEN Leadership?

basf-werk-ludwigshafen-1881Business has changed or should I rather say history always repeats – Open Leadership takes us back to the way we used to communicate, a little more than 200 years ago, before industrialisation and capitalism.

Humans are social creatures and we function because of each other – it’s the true spirit of UBUNTU – I need you to be you, so that I can be me. It’s never just about me.

The reason we lived together socially was because it was safer, otherwise some giant lion or sabre tooth tiger would have us for dinner. We chose leaders who were strong and could protect us: leaders were prepared to look after us and we looked after them. These leaders would sacrifice their lives for our safety and continuation of the species. In the safety of this environment we grew our crops, tended our herds and lived in community.

Then something changed … Man realised he could manufacture quickly with a machine, faster than others could produce things. His machine put others out of business and almost existence. This gave man a sense of power and he became selfish, the needs of the people no longer mattered and he needed people to work in the factories – The factory needed a systematic approach and innovation was not needed. School was invented to teach people how to be a factory worker and a consumer.

Leadership became a title and nothing but advanced management theories! The systematic approach meant that the people no longer needed to trust the leader for their security, but rather that the system was a well oiled machine. If the well oiled machine was efficient then we could pay you more and you could be a better consumer, buying more of the things that you didn’t really need.

Insecurity became the order of the day – the basic need of ensuring we had enough, was actually taken away from us and we became dependant on the system to give us what we needed. 

So I could carry on giving you a lesson in social economics – but I will disrupt your concentration and ask you to THINK, yes I am not a TV program and by listening to me you will only formulate questions for yourself and not get many answers. I will however answer the questions you think about. The question is do we need a different type of leadership or do we deep down already know what leadership should look like?

So do we actually think? Yes we do, but do we think about what we think about when we think?

Photo credit: unbekannter Maler / Foter / Public Domain Mark 1.0

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