Duplicatable Leadership

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 1.22.06 PMThere are many Leadership theories and I want to propose another theory – although I think theories are just that (a theory). However, if you like theories and your thinking is stimulated by this approach, then here is another one for you.

So what is Duplicatable Leadership?

Let’s start with understanding What Leadership Means … It is about three basic actions: Example, example and show them how! Wow, just those three simple steps … Yes, because if we are not physically setting the example with our own actions, we cannot be leaders. Only our example of how things need to be done is ever followed, not what we say. Therefore, if there is no action to follow, then there is no leadership.

Our example needs to be simple enough to be followed. The reason is that we’re not seeking to create experts, we are seeking to create more leaders. That’s the big difference and it is so necessary. One leader can never influence everybody, but a single leader can influence a few by his example. If the example is simple action, and it influences others, then those who we influence can follow the example of the leader, and influence more people to follow the example.

How can Leadership be more Duplicatable?

  • Know the goal and communicate using examples and actions that even your children could copy.
  • Don’t communicate everything at once, never assume that people are interested in what you have to say or do, establish and build trust first.
  • Keep communication simple, a good rule of thumb is communicate so that a 12 year old would understand you. Don’t talk down, just talk simple!
  • Don’t assume that your example is the correct example, sometimes a bit of adjustment is needed, as we seldom think of simplifying because we have traditionally been taught to complicate everything.

The interesting observation when we look at human behaviour is that only the things we do duplicate; therefore our actions are so vital.

Photo credit: Daniel Kulinski / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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