The Meaning of Success

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.52.56 PMOur lives are only successful when we can say that we have success in all the areas of our lives. We cannot say that we are a successful business or sports person until we have success in our relationships at home – the connections we have with our partner, children and friends.

I cannot prescribe a formula or blueprint for the perfect relationship. Every relationship is absolutely unique and depends on the individuality of the partners. This individuality allows you to make your own choices. It is never about what other people say. It’s always about what you feel is right at the specific time in your relationship. The choices you make together, your timing and your ability to commit, will ultimately determine the success of your relationship.

One thing is certain though: relationships undergo change as individuals change and grow. For some, this may be an exciting development, while for others it may seem terrifying and destabilising.

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