Open Letter to the Youth in South Africa #YouthDay

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 11.05.53 AMDear Youth of South Africa

You are the future and I know that sounds like a cliché, but it is the absolute truth. Einstein once said that we cannot solve problems by using the same thinking we created the problems with. What did Einstein mean by this? Whatever you see in South Africa currently is created with old thinking … and the thinking needs to be changed so that we can find solutions and allow our country to be the land of possibilities that it has always been.

What are some examples of this old thinking? Well, blame is old thinking, and expecting the government or leaders to accept responsibility for anything may take a long time – and it will probably never happen, because in the blame game, the rules are simple – you can blame someone else. Corruption is similar to blame, and by focusing on what is wrong, will in the end only make you corrupt, as you will have seen so much of it that you too will have a sense of entitlement.

If we look at current leadership all over the world, we see that it is all about titles and very little leadership. Leaders expect respect and the followers to be subservient instead of understanding the true meaning of leadership: where the leader respects and serves the followers who chose to follow them in the first place.

How should we be THINKING differently and what should our ACTIONS be?

Let’s look at the concept of being an active citizen; instead of waiting for things to happen, (which we have already established will probably never happen) we look for opportunities to make a difference in the place you find yourself. The smallest and simplest action we can make is simply SMILE at someone, this act of kindness which seems so insignificant actually makes a huge difference in someone else’s life.

Instead of criticising, COMPLIMENT and realise that criticism will not change anything. People have been criticising for years and nothing has changed (you just need to look at opposition parties who continuously criticise the government to realise that being critical does not change anything!). Criticism will only make you a critical person and few will like you. Effectively, if you were the opposition, people would become so tired of your criticism that they may just continue to vote for the government as opposed to the opposition who are nothing but critical.

ACKNOWLEDGE others for what they do well and achieve; when we are unable to acknowledge others we are selfish people and feel that we are entitled to receive the recognition. Unfortunately if we can acknowledge others and give them recognition who will ever acknowledge us when we accomplish something? Everything starts with us, but it is never about us, and always about them.

LEAD by example, allowing our ACTIONS to speak louder than our words. SERVE the people who chose to follow us, knowing that if we stop serving them they have no reason to follow us.

Let’s look for new possibilities, let’s look forward knowing that the future is in the hands of those who embrace hope. Let’s all inspire each other to be better South Africans, looking for possibilities to make a difference in the lives of others. We should consistently ask ourselves what can we do for others, and not ask what they can do for us.

Photo credit: Vaughan / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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6 Responses to Open Letter to the Youth in South Africa #YouthDay

  1. Brian says:

    Very well put Rich, Brian


  2. Siphe says:

    jho well put indeed


  3. Tiz says:

    So spot on! @Lady_Tiz


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  5. This message should be read, in open space, at churches, schools, gatherings, social events, and so on, it carries a sincere message to the youth to change their minds and ways.


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