Our authentic jealous ‘Critical Leadership’ style needs to change!

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 8.57.34 AMI have often made the statement that we think and yes we can agree that we think, however the question is do we think about what we think about when we think? NO unfortunately we don’t. In this article I would like to tackle the issue of ‘Critical Leadership’ and hopefully help us to think a little clearer about how we are leading our lives.

‘Critical Leadership’ is not being critical of leaders, the government or any other form of authority. ‘Critical Leadership’ is the way in which we chose to see the world or very simply how we see ourselves. Leadership starts with us, the reality is we lead ourselves and no one else leads us or is responsible for us. No one but ourselves!

We shouldn’t criticise whatever others are doing, if we do – we’re simply jealous and there is nothing simple about jealousy, as jealously is the highest form of self condemnation. When we are jealous then we judge others as better than ourselves and if the others are really better then why are we not complimenting them?

Whatever the others do is only important if it causes us to do some action. Therefore whatever their example – be it a good one we can follow or a bad example that causes us to act in the opposite direction. Using these examples can cause us to get positive momentum into our own lives. When we are critical it is actually about doing nothing, we are lazy and procrastinating which is the exact opposite to leading.

It is time to stand up and stop feeling sorry for ourselves. It is time to be the leaders we were meant to be and as Gandhi said … Be the change you wan’t to see in the world!

Let’s today stop being critical of others and ask ourselves what we are you doing to lead our own lives and set an example for others to follow? It’s our responsibility to show up in our uniqueness and make a difference in this world, simply starting with each person we meet.

Photo credit: Oliver Spalt / Foter / CC BY

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