Circumstances … They have nothing to do with YOU.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 7.09.00 PMWe hear and use the word circumstances so often. We use terms like ‘under the circumstances’ or ‘if only my circumstances were different’, and both of those statements involve us making a choice. We must ask ourselves why we chose those circumstances and if we cannot find an answer as to why we may have chosen those circumstances. If the answer is that we never chose the circumstances then are we blaming someone for our circumstances? If we are blaming someone then we need to ask ‘how can we change the situation or the circumstances we find ourselves in?’

There is always a solution, perhaps it is our friends or family that don’t want us to succeed. They may be jealous of our strengths – if this is the case we need to distance ourselves from these people. These negative influences will only bring us down and never lift us up – chose who you spend your time with wisely.

If at some stage we may of said ‘if only my circumstances were different’, then take a good look at your situation and start to see what can be changed. Look for ways of simplifying what you do, see if you can find opportunities to save time in your schedule. When we start to simplify and free up time we often see opportunities that previously we were just to busy to notice.

Circumstances are all about choice, look for opportunities to change your circumstances. Don’t expect to win the lottery or that someone will offer you a better job. Winning the Lottery or getting a better job will not help us if we don’t chose to look for opportunities, besides you may still have the same friends and family you should of distanced yourself from. Think carefully about those who you associate with, they are more often than not the cause of your situation. Don’t blame them because you have chosen to stick around with them, simply distance yourself and look for more creative ways of improving your circumstances.

No change of circumstances can repair a defect of character. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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2 Responses to Circumstances … They have nothing to do with YOU.

  1. Food for thought. Thanks for sharing.


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