What do YOU think, when YOU think about YOU?

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.17.52 AMWe can look at others who are more successful than us or those who seem to be less successful than how we appear, then wonder what makes this difference.

It has been said that life is about choice,  what is this choice? It’s often said that we don’t have a choice for we cannot choose our circumstances. Yet our circumstances are only our agreement with reality, which means we have either accepted the situation or we don’t accept where we find ourselves. There are many people who don’t accept their circumstances, however are they prepared to change their situation or do they simply accept the fate of where they find themselves.

In some cases working a little harder will change our financial situation, in most cases we will just spend more money on things we don’t need. This will make us no better off and we will begin to wonder why we put in the effort in the first place. This seemingly little fact may effect our thinking forever.

The problem is often entitlement thinking. Entitlement means we think we deserve more than we getting. Why do we think like this, why do we feel so entitled? Is it because we believe we deserve more or that we should better than we are? There is nothing wrong with thinking we should be better, but believing we are better and not having to work is where the thinking is seriously flawed

How do we change our thinking?

Firstly we need to believe that we have been given every strength and skill we need in order for us to be successful. We are perfectly capable, yet somewhere along the way we have believed the lie that we are less than adequate. For us to become 100% better we just need to take 100 things and focus on making each of them 1% better each day. Making each thing 1% better is simple and it is these small victories that help us build belief in who we are. Start thinking about the little extra that you can do daily and soon you will find it has grown into huge success.

Are we disciplined? Can we focus on what will bring us success and simplify our lives by eliminating the unnecessary, Some people say they have eliminated television yet they still listen to the news on the radio. Why do this? Don’t focus on things you have no control over, this will only make you negative and feel helpless – rather do the things that will make a difference in your life and the lives around you. DON’T WASTE TIME.

What can we do consistently, that will bring us consistent success?

When reading the above article if you say you have tried it and it did not work, then I will respond and say you were not consistent. I too tried many things but I can honestly say that if I was not consistent and if I did not continue with what I started nothing happened in the long term. I have learnt that the success that consistency brings is the only thing that is predictable – we are creatures of habit and we need to understand that if we want to be successful we have to learn the habit of consistency.

The biggest lie we can ever tell is the lie we tell to ourselves, so we need to ask ourselves just one question: Have we been consistent? This question will be the question that defines success in relationships, your finances and all your achievements. It is important to know that we are consistent as this will do more for our thinking than any other fact.

Will you be known as Mr or Ms Consistency?

Photo credit: Nicolas Alejandro Street Photography / Foter / CC BY

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