ACTION Leadership – not another style of Leadership?

576a9d783a925edaa5a3843f1cb08df1Action Leadership is not a style of leadership, it is simply leadership. Without actions there are just intentions and it is good to get your intentions (thinking) right. If we cannot get our intentions right, then our thinking is wrong and this plays out in our actions. Our thinking is linked to our opinions and the so called ‘Thought Leadership’ we produce. This thought leadership becomes important for others so that they may understand our thinking and our intended direction. Where the thought comes from in thought leadershipis that great leaders share their thoughts, knowledge and ideas. My article titled Thought Leadership – How it works? will provide a little more insight into this idea.

Leadership is an action, not a position.” ~ Donald McGannon

Action in leadership is about three things 1) Example 2) Example 3) You as the leader show them. Take the thoughts and opinions you have, then do what needs to be done so that others may see what you doing and decide if what you are doing is worth following. Many people may like our opinions, but it is only when they follow our actions that they have truly accepted what we have said or our original intention.

Why do people need ACTION?

Thought leadership is difficult to follow as everyone has a different agreement with reality and more often than not what people say and what people do is very different. We all know this and that is why the saying goes ‘your actions speak so loud we cannot even hear you’.

Therefore it is only action that we trust, people may have liked what you said but that only got them to the starting line. They are waiting for your ACTION so that they may follow you. In fact they may already be at the starting line waiting for you – try not to be late as you are the leader they are waiting to follow.

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