What have you done for YOU lately?

ws_Perfect_Me_2560x1440So you are on Social Media, regardless of whether you have just joined or if you have been on the platforms from the beginning … What is your intention?

If your answer to that question was ‘to be social’, then I applaud you for taking the simple route, but let’s look at your strategy and let’s K-I-S-S (Keep it simple, stupid). If your strategy involves sharing a lot of what other people have got to say, that is social but the authentic question will always be ‘What have you got to say?‘ I know that as much as people may appreciate you sharing what they have to say, they would also appreciate your opinion. If you never share your opinion you have to ask yourself ‘How sustainable is Social Media for me?‘ It’s only when we are able to have our say and we feel that what we say has significance to someone who we are able to derive a benefit from our activity.

What are the best ways of sharing your opinion online?

  • Video – I previously made a statement that if you cannot be found on YouTube, you virtually don’t exist and I admit that is harsh, but my being nice does nothing for your brand. I suggest you read Are we missing the YouTube opportunity? Human beings process visual elements 60,000 times faster than reading words, says Bryan Kramer. Start thinking video, it will do more for you than you have ever imagined.
  • BLOG – Many people ask me to mentor them, in fact I probably get at least one request a day and I always have two standard questions: 1) What do you hope to gain from this process? I also ask them to read 10 Keys to Menteeship – from #FriedTwitterTales and then I ask 2) Do you have a Blog? – Blogs don’t necessarily have to be written, they could be a selection of photos you have taken to illustrate a story. They could also take the form of a slide presentation or a video, but generally the easiest way is to write something. People are looking for your opinion and if you are not prepared to share your opinion, well get over yourself – the secret is that only those who are interested in you will read your blog anyway. Not just any arbitrary person, the people who are interested in you are going to read your blog, so write with them in mind and not the people you don’t like!

If you are wanting to do something for YOU, make a video or write a blog for the people who are interested in you. This will do more for YOU than you could ever imagine and always remember It’s Not About You. Have a fabulous day and look for opportunities to be significant in the lives of others.

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3 Responses to What have you done for YOU lately?

  1. Jy skryf oulik oulik ek gaan jou raad volg ek maak notas xxx


  2. Jackie says:

    Hi ..stuur j nuusbriewe uit ? Hmm


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