Act & Deliver – Trust

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 9.54.56 AMInspiration for this article today comes from Dr. Steve Maraboli, this simple statement is filled with the possibilities of action that it is needed and expected from leaders as well from us, in our everyday relationships. Yes, the reality is that leadership and relationship are so closely connected. Therefore, when we understand relationship, we can understand what is expected from us as leaders. Today we look at probably the most important aspects of relationships and leadership – that of acting and delivering.


We know talk is cheap, but what are your actions saying? One of the most vital aspects of action with reference to talk, is the question ‘Are you listening?’ It really does not help if we are so arrogant that we do what we think needs to be done and then we expect others to follow. Unfortunately that is not leadership and we will definitely not win any friends or influence people for that matter.

It is therefore vital that we listen more than we talk, and that when we take action that we do what is expected of us and not just what we wanted to do. A great deal of leadership is respect for those in authority and for our followers.

When we do get into action we are expected to be consistent, it is only consistency that really shows that our actions are louder than our words. When people notice our consistent action, it becomes a real example and they are prepared to tell their friends about the momentum.


Delivery is linked to our promises. Promises are either very direct or implied (your talk can give people the impression that you are actually promising to do something). When people interpret what you are saying as a promise, it is often because they respect and trust you. When this occurs you cannot say ‘but I did not promise that’, the only recourse is with yourself and you need to ask yourself ‘why did I say that?. The lesson is that we should never say anything that we are not prepared to do. People judge us on what we say and they lose trust in us, when we don’t deliver on what we say.

Let’s be careful in what we say, it is often seen as a promise. When we do act on what we have said, will we be consistent enough to get the results we have talked about? These seemingly small details are the difference between keeping and maintaining trust.

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  1. theblushingmama says:

    Great information! It is so true, I really liked the point you made about listening.


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