Our Relationship with Leadership Communication

tmiTMI or ‘too much information’ is a problem seems to confuse our lives daily and it is often attributed to the internet and the over-supply of information. However TMI did not start with the internet, it started with the way we communicate in everyday life.

When we speak too much and listen too little, we will invariably get ourselves into trouble. A great example of this is how men communicate with women. We all know that men say a few words and women tend to say a lot more, the facts are that women on average will speak 13,000 more words than the average man in a day. When the average man does something he shouldn’t, he tends to over-communicate and this will usually alert the woman, not by what is being said but rather due to the fact that too much information is suddenly given.

Listen (listening is 80% of your success) and you will almost always be judged as being a good communicator. What is unfortunate or fortunate for the good communicators is that most people are uncomfortable with silence, or perhaps they have a need for recognition through the different means of communication. In general people tend to over-communicate by talking too much, writing too much and not listening much at all.

On the subject of writing too much I have blogger friends who are really good writers but forget that they are blogging and not writing their next novel or book. They will write anything between 4 to 9 articles in one blog. One blog post a week is firstly not consistent enough and then what has authentically happened is that they have not respected their reader’s time. We all know that most people will not read long emails, so why then would we assume that they would read a blog post that is too long?

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.42.59 AMSimplifying things is an art, however Bryan Kramer says perhaps we are just speaking human. Let’s all speak a little more human and remember that we are not as important as we think we are, but if you still not convinced visit Importance – A Social Media Definition. Let’s start today by being a little more simple and speak human in everything we do. I am convinced we will become better leaders if when we do.

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