Relationships – I wish I had listened more!

5084714990_26e3990193_oWe can get the answer to every question we ask, if we chose to listen … Have we missed vital keys in our paths because we were simply too busy to listen? Perhaps we have been too arrogant and assumed we knew enough, leading us to believe that we had no reason to listen. It’s often the things we don’t think we need to learn that are exactly the things we need to learn!

Every encounter we have in life and every person, no matter how insignificant they seem to us has something to teach us, but where do we find the time to listen you may ask? Start by learning to listen, then think about what you can learn from what you are hearing. If we assume we have all the answers then we cannot or will not be prepared to listen. Many of us have only had a formal type of education and have been conditioned to learn from academics. We have never listened to the language of normal people and therefore we assume that only complexity can teach us something, most of which is never simple enough for us to really understand. This thinking leads us to believe that simplicity cannot teach us and we are unaware of the knowledge and understanding we can gain from talking to normal people.

Leadership is about relating to others and the success of our relationship with others is dependant on our understanding of ourselves. Before we can listen to others and learn from them, we need to ask ourselves ‘what are we thinking about, what is the dialogue we are having with ourselves and what can we learn from this interaction?’

If we choose not to listen to ourselves, we are choosing to no longer learn and we will be incapable of listening to others. Let’s try to relate to people more, listen and learn because we never want to get to the point saying: ’I wish I had listened more‘.

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee / Foter / CC BY

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