Your Last Leadership Lesson Ever … by Dr. @SteveMaraboli

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.51.58 PMLeadership is one of those topics where there is an abundance of people, who write or speak about it, that really don’t have any expertise or experiential credit for it. So what happens with leadership is it falls into these categories where there’s paralysis by analysis. People over analyse, when the reality is whether in a personal or business setting it’s about the instructions for success and they are simple: Dream It, Plan It, Do It – Repeat! It’s really not that much of a challenge, the challenge occurs when people talk about different leadership styles and different leadership momentums. Then everyone gets caught in the paralysis of analysis, sitting in boardrooms discussing leadership instead of Dream It, Plan It, Do It – Repeat!

What happens is we’re human, so as a behaviourist I am able to understand that human behaviour is cognitive visually; we have those old sayings ‘monkey see, monkey do’. When we see it, we emulate it, that which we are emulating is what is leading us. When you are a leaders by behaviour then it’s a verb, when you’re not just thinking about it but instead Dream It, Plan It, Do It – Repeat! The people who are seeing this will emulate this and you will be a leader, that’s in a personal or professional setting. The Leaders that are most successful across the board, on many different levels of success, that I get to sit with – and some of them I even call my friends – the thing that they will talk to you the least about is leadership. They are just being themselves and the people around them who are drawn to them, who are inspired by them, who are reaching their own levels of success because of being led by them they are just emulating what they see from a person who is behaving in a manner that’s conducive to success – that’s leadership.

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