Digital Marketing – “I smell something… Is it dog? No… Is it horse? No… I know. Its BULLSHIT!”

no-bullshit-signYou’ve probably heard of Déjà vu, well let me introduce you to DejaMOO – That’s the feeling you get when you think you may have heard this bullshit before. When it comes to the way that the self-proclaimed guru’s of social media and online advertising try to convince you of how to market your product or services, you get a strong sense of DejaMOO.

The only time you’ll ever know that someone knows what they are talking about, is when they stop talking. They usually never stop talking!

When we continuously hear jargon (defined as: words that should be simplified but the person talking has been so impregnated with bullshit, that they deem it necessary to try impress themselves) we’re immediately suspicious. However if you need to bullshit your superiors then jargon becomes a way to justify your excuse for existence.

Now that we have a clearer idea of why bullshit exists, let’s look at the concept of Digital Marketing and the first paradigm shift is that it’s multi platform, multi dimensional communication whose foundation is consistency. Why Consistency? Because everything we do in life is based around relationship and if you cannot deliver consistency then you cannot build trust – then you have no relationship.

So what bullshit have we come to expect from Digital Marketers? We have limited space, here are a few – hopefully you will see the trend:

  • They will tell you that you need a website and that the website needs to be current and updated regularly, yet when you visit their websites you struggle to find any updates.
  • They will try to impress you with follower numbers, unless of course you have more followers than them – then they will simply revert to ‘It’s not about the numbers’ which seems to have become the lame excuse every digital marketer uses when cornered.
  • They will tell you they are experts in their field and that they are social media guru’s but they don’t even have a decently written profile and they have no followers, because the reality is they have nothing to offer their followers.
  • They will tell you how important a Klout Score is as long as their score is higher than yours. Should they find out that your score is higher than theirs then they will simply revert to ‘It’s not about the Klout score’.
  • They will tell you that it’s important to post regularly and the more posts and the more strategically they are posted, the better your results will be. Sounds like real good jargon, until you ask them how often they post and they will simply say ‘We so busy posting for all our clients that we never get time to post for ourselves’. Then when they really need to dig themselves out of a hole, they intensify the bullshit, join the life-coaching industry and tell you ‘it’s about the quality not the quantity’. Yeah yeah tell that to your partner who has not seen you for the last 10 days because you were supposedly working late.

My Dad always said ‘there is a sucker born everyday’. Please be careful of who you allow to service your organisation and look for people who can actually communicate effectively with consistency. Without consistency there are no relationships and without relationships we will be bankrupt in business and in life.

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