The Golden Rule … Manipulation for Disaster

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 7.43.35 AMThe golden rule is that the person with the gold makes the rules. This seems acceptable and is totally bizarre at the same time. Think carefully; this is the one part of business where it is exceedingly difficult to challenge the status quo – because this is where the buck literally stops!

Everything starts with relationships and due to our need for money, we allow whoever has the money to make the rules. We see this in relationships, a guy can be married to a total bitch who will belittle and break him down daily, yet when she needs some money she is nice to him. This scenario may seem fair in a very dark way, but turns into a totally horrible situation when the guy has the money and is the one who is always belittling and using his money to control his wife. You are probably thinking I am being terribly cynical and I could almost agree with you, yet this misuse of power is experienced by people just like you in the work situation.

The raw fact of life is that people with money think they have power (even if it is not their money) and will in some way or another try to misuse this power – ultimately for some self-serving idea that they have some form of power, when in reality they are just destroying the people and the companies they work for. It happens in the best of companies, because these type of people are given power in the guise that they work well with money. Here are a few examples:

Creditors Clerks – need I say anymore, we all know that we need to suck up to these people so that we can get paid on time. If you have ever had a disagreement with a creditors clerk then almost guaranteed it has affected your cashflow. I agree we should not be arguing with people, but at the same time these power wielding people will often try pay you as little as they possibly can so that their companies can have a positive cashflow.

Bosses – these unique specimens have a need for you to do things their way regardless of whether their way is relevant or not. If you choose to do things your way and achieve what you know you are capable of achieving you are in for a surprise. When the performance appraisal needs to be done the arrogance of the boss grows as he knows he has even more power than ever before and he can destroy your dreams for the next year. Regardless of how hard you have worked, we know his decision will determine if you can afford a few extra luxuries or no luxuries at all.

These examples of the creditors clerks and bosses may be isolated but the following people are potentially the most damaging to organisations.

Brand Managers – these poor souls (I earnestly mean that because they have been equipped to be managers and know little about relationships) have the best intentions and they are given the responsibility of being the custodian of the brand or one of the brands within an organisation. Observe the behaviour; it is always about what they know best, how they want it done and what will produce the best results for them. The customers are usually told what to expect and are given what the brand manager wants as opposed to what the customer actually needs. This plays out in the brand communication which is often suited to communicate with the brand intellectuals as opposed to the customer.

When we analyse this behaviour it is unacceptable to the wellbeing of the organisations these power mongers work for, no wonder companies are normally only 40% productive with people like these. We need to take a serious look at relationships and educate people so that we all can have better relationships, which will create better home and work environments. Let’s start talking about delivering on the promise of what people desire and that is the true relationship.

Photo credit: teamstickergiant / Foter / CC BY

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