Success is a Decision to be Lazy or Active

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 8.42.53 AMHow badly do you want to be successful? You may have heard that success is only a decision away. What is that decision? The decision is to consistently do what it takes to maintain a success culture in your life. If you ask until when, you have decided to be successfully lazy.

Successfully Lazy is what everyone is trying to be. Many people aren’t looking for success, they are simply trying to be successful at being lazy so that they don’t have to be accountable for their actions – the effective excuse they have created for themselves is – as long as I look better than the people around me, as long as they think I have more money and more happiness than them, others will not judge me as being unsuccessful. This is successfully lazy and more than 99% of people aspire to this state. They find expressions like “lifestyle” and tell you about the stuff they have and the holidays they take. Successfully lazy is a success based around yourself, focused mainly on what you need and want. The ultimate goal, whatever it was, is usually defined by the word UNTIL … We work and achieve until we reach the goal, but mostly until we are successfully lazy. The idea of retirement for instance is just another idea of being successfully lazy – could that be because we feel that we have worked hard enough?

There is, however, another decision which is greater and brings far more significance (ability to change, impact and influence others positively) to our lives. That is the decision of Successfully Active and there is no until. This is not based on material goals but rather on activity goals.

Consistency is key and the Successfully Active make the following type of decisions that are lasting:

Runners decide to run a marathon every weekend of their lives, resting only means running a shorter marathon at a different pace, it does not mean not running.

Authors like Stephen King write 4000 words a day, which is not many words in writing terms but he writes those 4000 words every day of the year, regardless of whether it is his birthday, a holiday or even if he is on holiday – he still writes his 4000 words.

Leaders consistently set an example that others can follow – this activity is duplicatable and they are leaders whilst they are active – the successfully lazy have no example and cease to be leaders when they answer the UNTIL question. We can only be leaders when we are active, lazy is and never will be an example, no matter how much so-called success is around.

The decision involves action. What is the consistent action that will make you Successfully Active? Don’t waste time doing things just until you have achieved them. Choose activities that will result in success. Be consistent in that activity so that you can gain the discipline needed to achieve everything your dreams can conceive.

This article is about decisions, more specifically about the Decision that will determine your success. It is a disciplined decision that should rather be a way of life than a goal. When you make a decision to be Successfully Active the goals simply happen and you will learn to dream again.

Try not to limit your thinking with the words GOAL and UNTIL, rather replace those words with DREAM CONSISTENTLY and your consistent activity will take you to the place of your dreams.

Photo credit: BoJay / Foter / CC BY-ND

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