What is life? …. Relationships

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 9.31.16 AMWe often try to complicate everything we come into contact with, however the reality is that everything is far more simple than we would like to believe. Here is what we all need to remember … Life is about relationships and everything in what we define as life are relationships.

The basic building block of everything we do is a relationship, when we are able to have one meaningful and successful relationship in our lives we are able to duplicate that action. Success breeds more success, it is important to start right and duplicate our successes throughout life.

How do we start right?

Relationships start with an interest in the other person, you may have heard the saying ‘be interested rather than interesting.’ When we are interested in others, we automatically humble ourselves and we are able to listen. Listening is the key to any relationship, our success in life is determined by our ability to listen. 80% of our success is determined by how well we can listen – do we listen to understand or do we listen to find an opportunity speak?

The key to building a great relationship is that the focus should always be on the other person. If you wondering when the focus turns to you, you have simply missed the point because the focus must be on the other person. When you find the right people to connect with they will be focusing on you. However the trust needs to be established first. Are you able to show them that you are trustworthy, will you show enough interest in them so that they can trust you and start to show an interest in you – yes it is never about you, simply let this need of yours go and be interested in them. We we become truly interested in others miracles happen.

The skills we acquire whilst building relationships (yes the goal should be to consistently build relationships) increase our understanding of human behaviour. When we understand the way relationships function, we are able to solve problems with more insight allowing us to simplify the situation. Everything in life is relationship and life becomes very simple when we view everything as a relationship.

We will never know all the answers, but by building relationships we can be sure that we are constantly growing. Keep on keeping on.

Photo credit: willrich / Foter / CC BY-NC

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