Happiness is a Choice

Yesterday a colleague asked me why I am ‘always in a good space’. The answer is simple – I have chosen to be there, regardless of the situation, I have chosen to have an attitude independent of circumstances. Does this make the reality any different? Reality for you and I is always slightly different, as it depends on our own agreement with reality.

Let’s look at an example … You are having a great day and suddenly a client who promised to send you the order cancels without giving an explanation. You have a choice to either feel down or decide that this is just another opportunity to find better clients. You chose to see the opportunity and not the pending problems. The reality is that you chose to have an attitude independent of circumstances; Why should anything alter your attitude? Your attitude is not based on anything but your decision to have the attitude you do. When you decide to have an attitude that is independent of circumstances, then it is only your decision that can change that attitude and not any external influence.

Our minds are so powerful and we have the choice, it’s up to us to decide which attitude is applicable for us. Will we decide to have an attitude that will attract others to us or repel people away from us? Ultimately we get to choose.

Photo credit: le temple du chemisier / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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  1. I agree with this. Whether or not you are happy is hugely a function of your choices.


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