Get real … Be different or GO Home.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 10.02.41 AMA little while ago I wrote an article called Success is a Decision to be Lazy or Active, which dealt with the fact that most people would rather be successfully lazy than active. One of the factors that successful people aspire to is that they can become successful without being noticed, and therefore hope to keep themselves out of the limelight. If I had to generalize and ask why this is – well successful people, especially the successfully lazy ones, prefer not to be accountable as this involves dealing with people and being an active citizen. My question is … Do people with these sort of attitudes even deserve success, because they definitely lack any form of significance?

The above scenario may have worked a long time ago and may still work in some circles, however in general people are so tired of the ‘same old, same old’. A little creativity, or in some cases a great deal, is needed for you to stand out and be noticed. Oh, and if someone has done it before, why are you trying to replicate it? The world is full of people copying people, agencies trying to tweak other agencies’ ideas and the best ‘worst case scenario’ that I notice virtually everyday – someone trying to get a video to go viral (In fact this is such a weak attempt at being creative that I have written another article called 10 Ways to make sure your Video does not go VIRAL!) You cannot get it to go viral, it is either good and goes viral or it is just simply a pathetic attempt of something that has already been done. NO, get flippin’ creative, use some of the talents that you have, and stop copying the world.

If you cannot decide to use your own talents, you are waiting to be recognised for who you are without being who you are – that is absolute insanity, so please be careful: they may just lock you up for being mental. The world has certainly changed; in the dark ages they would lock you up for being different and now we are looking for creativity. No one needs to lock you up for not deciding to be creative and use your talents, as by not showing your talents you have effectively locked yourself up. Sad but true! Hope is not lost because you can just decide to be different – you have the talent.

Photo credit: Be Different in This Forked Up World  jeffsmallwood / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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