10 Ways to make sure your Video’s don’t go VIRAL!

7651479384_54190bcaa4_cEvery marketer dreams about their video going viral, in fact I have even been invited into strategy sessions and seminars on how to get your video to go viral. Some I attend because a client has asked me to be present and others I simply decline the invitation.

The idea of a video is great, as a marketing tool it is extremely effective and videos definitely need to be a big part of any marketing strategy. Videos are more costly and many companies don’t have sufficient budget to have a complete video campaign, however you do need as many videos as you can possibly put online. People need information about you or your products and videos provide this for the prospective clients.

Difference between ‘Award Winning’ & VIRAL

Many advertising people and marketers alike are used to making award winning videos, these are videos that get your industry excited what what you are doing and what you can accomplish. Frankly what you and your industry like is of no concern to the customer or viewer, the customer wants something fresh. It’s important to remember that we will only recommend something if we think it is cool. Most people don’t tell jokes in fear that you may of heard them before. If you hear them too often they become lame and no one wants to be lame. Likewise if something has been done already – It’s been done and you cannot copy an idea or a trend and hope that you will not be lame. Copying makes you lame and thinking you can take an idea and change it so that it’s not lame is bizarre. Don’t try fool people, rather be original.

10 Ways to make sure your Video’s don’t go Viral

  1. If your intention is to make a viral video – please don’t. Rather make lots of videos and your audience may just stumble on something that is unique enough to go viral.
  2. Who is this video for? If you are doing it for someone else, you probably missing the point. If the video is significant for you and your friends, It may find some significance for others. Don’t kill you creativity by ‘pleasing others’ – rather just make corporate videos and get paid properly.
  3. Eliminate emotion, showing how macho or unreal you can be will definitely not resonate with anybody. Emotion is 80% of communication so try keep things as spontaneous as possible.
  4. Copy the latest viral video, so someone is twerking or dancing. Using this in your video will only irritate people and have them saying ‘Oh they copied …’
  5. Use bad language, if you think swearing is cool that’s your opinion, remember rather let the audience say ‘WTF’ when they watch your video – you do not need to state the obvious.
  6. Tell people what they should be thinking and don’t allow them to use their imagination. NO rather allow people to think freely about the message the video brings, you have no idea of the creativity and different thinking out there, so don’t try control the outcome – get excited about how your ideas catalyse new thinking.
  7. Script your video and make it look as professional as possible. If you need to write a script, your creativity is being limited by your need to say the ‘right thing’. If you trying to say the ‘right thing’ it has probably been said already.
  8. Editing can kill your video, be very careful on how you cut.
  9. Don’t have fun … try be serious. Honestly who would want to share a video like that? The only time you share videos like that is when you trying to suck up to the boss for a promotion.
  10. And then the final WTF … ask your friends to share the video so that it will go viral.
Photo credit: John Harwood 3D CGI / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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