Product Review – InnJoo One Smartphone

item_XL_7896042_8056157Last week I won a Smartphone, namely the InnJoo One Smartphone which is available at for R 2499,00. The smartphone looks like any other well known premium smartphone but is at least a third, if not a quarter of the price of the conventional smartphones I have on existing contracts with South African cellular service providers. This product to my knowledge is also available in the UAE and Nigeria at a similar price when the currency conversion is done.

The features on the phone are similar to the other premium smartphones I have used in the marketplace namely: – Octacore Processor – 2G Ram+16GROM – 13 MP + 5 MP Camera – 3G/WI FI
– Dragontrail Glass – Steel frame
– 720X1280HD IPS Display – 1.4ghz CPU – FM Receiver
– 64 SD Memory support – 2600Mah Polymer battery and what I liked the most – GPS Dual SIM. This has allowed me to use one device for everything, instead of carrying a phone and a wireless LTE dongle I have everything in one phone. It will also allow me to look at the contracts I enter into more critically. Many of the cellular providers bundle SMS’s in the contract and I have worked out I send less than 10 SMS’s per month. Why am I paying for 500 then?

Data is expensive and I estimate that I waste around R 4000 per year on expensive data that is bundled into my contract and likewise I estimate a wastage of R 6000 per year on call costs that I don’t use, but need the FREE Phone that the specific contract offers. Pre-paid contracts are becoming cheaper and not including a smartphone into the deal makes a lot more financial sense.

Does the InnJoo One really compare with the other Premium Smartphones?

Yes I can honestly say it does, I have been using this phone for 5 days now and I am happy with the battery life, the user interface and the overall performance. I will keep you updated on my user experience with this phone.

My next big decision will be to decide to give my existing smartphone to one of my sons and I that seems like a big decision at the moment, as I am on my seventh phone from my existing brand – you will agree that moving to the InnJoo One will be a big decision, but obviously one that I am strongly considering.

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