Rapid Personal Development

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.48.47 AMMany people think that personal development is about reading self-help books, and this is what my friend Steve Maraboli says about most of the books you thinking about …”A lot of books in the self-help section of your bookstore really belong in the fiction section”. Information is good but you need to know you can trust the information, often we have no idea of the credentials of the writer and often it is only something they have discovered through interviewing and liked the sound of it, but it was never intrinsically theirs. When something is not intrinsically yours, the value of the message is almost 80% less effective as it lacks the emotional ‘limbic’ component in the message. Steve then made another quote to further emphasise this point. “If the self-help books worked, it would be a shrinking industry not a growing one.” Without someone have the intrinsic experience of real success in a particular area, the information becomes noise which is rejected by your subconscious mind – therefore you are effectively wasting your time consuming this type of information.

How can we speed up our Own Development?

  1. Discover what your Intention is … Do you want lots of money? Do you want success or would you rather have significance? When discovering your intention, always remember that your highest purpose is to make a different in the lives of others. When we can align our intention with our purpose, life becomes a little easier as we find that we can use our time on what is important.
  2. What are your Dreams and how can you make them a reality? Dreams are the things that really drive us and remember as Mark Twain said “If you don’t have a dream. how can you make a dream come true”?
  3. Once we have determined our intentions and our dreams we need to set Goals. We always need really big goals and smaller goals. As we achieve the smaller goals we build believability in ourselves, which in turn help us to achieve the bigger goals.
  4. The above three Intentions, Dreams and Goals are all headspace and thoughts, the last aspect of the headspace is your own Self Talk (or affirmations) and to give you a better idea of how this functions please read > > Self Talk _ Soul Talk
  5. However as they say in the classics ‘Talk is cheap, and the money buys the …’ The only time you will earn any money is when you implement your thinking into ACTION and our action needs consistency to make it effective. It is no use doing amazing things one day and not doing anything the next four days. In exercise you don’t fool your body or your mind by doing that, and you definitely don’t fool people. Life is about relationships and they are built purely on good routine. What is the good routine that you can implement into your life?
  6. Consistency brings a predictability to your life that leads to success, in what areas of your life will you be CONSISTENT in, you need to focus on the areas that will bring you predictable success, then you can afford to dream about some more areas and take action. This process repeated brings success and in most cases the significance you looking for.
  7. Your Time is valuable, use it wisely and get moving in the direction of your dreams.
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1 Response to Rapid Personal Development

  1. I love this!
    No nonsense, no fluff just value!
    I have a personal development blog too.
    I’d love to chat to you about guest posting.
    Again, great post.


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