Brainwash yourself by Listening

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.41.18 PMBrainwashing is defined as changing someone’s beliefs or attitudes using intense teaching and indoctrination through television, radio, magazines and other forms of mass media. Propaganda is present wherever the masses are and most of the time propaganda forms the ‘noise’ of life we are accustomed to. Thus propaganda is a very effective way of getting information to the masses and in turn brainwashing people.

We all know we have a choice – we can’t stop the propaganda but we can choose who and what we listen to. The question is what have you chosen to listen to? Don’t have a victim mentality and tell me you don’t have a choice! You always have a choice, just look at the teenagers, they choose to wear headphones and block out the noise, therefore choosing to listen to their choice of music or movie. They have exercised their right to choice …

Likewise we can choose the people we surround ourselves with, who we listen to and who we take advice from. If you want to be a great athlete would you listen to the ideas on health and fitness that your friends who frequent the fast foods joints have? No that would be ridiculous. If you were a millionaire would you listen to the advice of people who have just starting investing or would you listen to billionaire investors? You would undoubtedly listen to the billionaire investors! If you wanted advice on how to have a successful marriage would you listen to your divorced colleague or a friend that has a great family life, who has been married for 20 years? You would listen to the married friend!

Choose the people you associate with carefully, get rid of the toxic friends and family who will only want you to remain at the level you are now! Make the right choices and brainwash yourself by listening to people who will add to your life, not destroy it!

Photo credit: Luca Biada / Foter / CC BY

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