Rhythm and Routine

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.16.00 PMLife is all about relationships. Without relationships we would find it difficult to maintain our sanity and I suppose we might wonder if anyone actually could. This article is not about the merits of relationship but rather focuses on how we can improve our relationships and ultimately our lives.

Why is Rhythm important?

Life itself is about rhythm, in nature everything is in rhythm; seconds, minutes, hours, days, nights, months, spring, summer, autumn, winter, years and we can go on. Everything in nature is in rhythm and sometimes the rhythm may seem strange as in the case of drought, floods and other extreme’s but nature has it’s rhythm.

We are humans and although we have a natural rhythm we are also to some extent able to create our own rhythm as in the case of feast and famine. Yet there is an alternative and in the case of feast and famine, instead of having the extremes we can implement a process to smooth over the extremities of life and that is called routine.

What about Routine?

If I am to explain routine from the context of the previous paragraph, you may even have an idea that routine could be very boring. Yes if we are not careful and we don’t put a bit of creativity into our lives, routine can become very boring. We could however argue that this routine may still be better than the feast or famine scenario.

Routine is often what we refer to the ‘security’ we look for in life. In relationships we may meet exciting colourful and exciting people, but we will settle with those who have a routine similar to our own. I see this often with someone married to a successful professional, they were attracted to the persons success but were never prepared for the lifestyle of the successful professional. More often than not it is the things that attracted us in the first place, that will ultimately be the cause of the downfall of relationships.

Routine or consistency as I often refer to it as, is vital in achieving and maintaining success on any level; be that our relationship, sport or our business careers. Routine is about discipline ultimately. Can we discipline ourselves to achieve success so that others can model themselves on our actions?

This modelling of our success or alternatively our failures starts at home with our relationships and children. Our children and partners will only ever respond to the action of our example.

  • If we want more love, we can’t demand more love we need to show more love.
  • If we want people to listen more to us, we should first start by listening more.
  • If we desire others to do more, we should first start by doing more ourselves.
  • If we would like more recognition, we should start by recognising what others have done first.
  • If we would like a more peaceful world, we should start at being at more peace with ourselves and those around us.

If we would like to have more success, we should start by respecting the rules of success – asking ourselves if we think that we are putting in enough of the right routines that will make us successful. 

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