Are you a Leader or just a Lazy Shit?

Have you ever wondered what the opposite of a leader is? Well the dictionary says it is a follower. In the academic masturbation of leadership theory where nothing gets done it probably is, but the if you are not intending to impregnate anybody then anything goes.

The real world is about relationship, action and example. No one gives a shit about what you think, they only interested in what you do!

We need to understand that leadership is action, so even if you following you are moving in the direction of the leader or some example that has caused you to get into action. Let me ask you a question ‘Are you a Leader’? Now look at the illustration¬†below and decide where you are on this line.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 8.39.53 AMIf you thought of yourself as a follower are you in action? Can you now understand that by being a follower that you are actually in a leadership role, as someone is following you!

Leadership is action and people are looking for our example, not our ideas or our intentions, but our actions. If we cannot show people what we are doing through our actions, they will probably judge us for being lazy shits. So let’s go out there and prove them wrong.

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