I offended #ALICE and the Leaders are still moving!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.30.33 AMWho is ALICE you may ask? Well ALICE is not some gorgeous blond, brunette or redhead. ALICE is the term a friend of mine came up with for ‘A Lazy Shit’ and it was in reaction to an article I wrote titled Are you a leader or just a Lazy Shit?

As you can imagine some of my readers were offended which is interesting. The reason why I find the offence of people interesting is because it says more about them than the person who made the statement. How we react to things that are said reveals so much about us … In this instance if you are offended you view yourself as an ALICE, yet if you see yourself as a leader then the term is irrelevant to you and it will not disrupt you.

We should be careful about how we react to what is being said, especially generalisations. Let me give you an example, if I were to make the statement – ‘Most people like cats’. Those who disagree are not the people who love cats, they are the ones who dislike cats. They will also be rather emotional and expressive about the fact that they dislike cats. Did I ask for a reaction? Not at all, but when you make a sweeping statement you are almost guaranteed to get a reaction. In the case of the statement about leaders, the lazy shits showed their true colours.

Always think before reacting or giving an opinion, life is about the mind games we play and you could just find yourself on the losing team if you react to fast.

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