Writers Block, Coffee and other thoughts

HLP2Picasso once said that ‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working’. He was a thinker and often wondered about how we can remain children instead of growing up to be boring adults. Picasso also said that the chief enemy of creativity is good sense! What is good sense? Is that what our Mothers think is safe when they advise us not to take part in extreme sports? The world wants us to mature and grow up or in simple terms become boring just like them. This idea is bizarre to say the least … no it’s actually f*%&#n bizarre! Why should we live by anyone’s rules (as long as we are not harming anyone in the process that is). If we intend to live grey lives or even try mature, what will others find interesting about us? We would be dysfunctional and lack authenticity … Come to think of it I know too many people like that already. Okay lets not reach for the happy pills just yet, after all that is for grown ups and we not interested in that shit.

Lets be children and let’s see the world from the eyes of a child, perhaps the challenge for today should be to see something different, yes to notice something we have never noticed before – in the workplace, our homes or just the places we walk about in.

Oh you are wondering what this post is all about … To be honest I had writers block this morning and I was not sure what I was going to write, but as Picasso suggested – the inspiration has found me working or in this case writing. I feel like a child with a box of crayons, my simple words colouring the page and weaving a tapestry of thoughts that may help others think, just like it has helped me think.

Coffee would be a great idea at this point in time, but I am wondering if coffee is what children would drink. Let’s not take this too far, I like the idea that I am old enough to drink coffee and that I enjoy coffee. I can promise you that I would not drink it if I had been forced to drink coffee. I really like my coffee, but it has to be good coffee.

I am also wondering if we really think … As I often say we think, but do we think about, what we think about when we think? If we want to maintain our childlikeness surely we should be daydreaming more? When last did you just shoot the breeze with some different people, who may just be able to give you a different perspective on life? It may be that you are an accountant and you could be speaking to a technical person. It could be that you are an artist and even an accountant could give you a new perspective and perhaps some clarity on something you have been thinking about. Don’t prejudge anybody, they all have something to add to your life when you allow them to.

Let’s be a little different … Often the greatest compliment you can get is when someone says ‘You’re different’.

Image : http://www.roaringbird.com

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