Relationships … Rejection … Criticism and Success

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 1.20.26 PMThey say nothing comes easy, but have you ever though about what nothing is? Nothing is relationship and do I need to tell you that relationships don’t come easy. In fact the process of building solid relationships is dependant on one essential ingredient … Criticism and I have written about criticism in the past. An article that comes to mind is What Social Media has taught me about Criticism because without criticism we are unable to grow.

However many people would like relationships and friendships to be devoid of criticism but those are not real relationships. We need to understand one simple fact … If I like you I will criticise you, and I don’t care about you I will say nothing. Think about the way we raise children and what causes them to grow. It is the critical environment of their parents that actually cause s them to learn about life and in some cases just how unfair life can be. Yes we learn this at home because of caring parents and people who care will in the same way cause us to grow.

Building rewarding relationships is about seeking people who will challenge you and cause you to grow … why because they truly care. Those who accept you for who you are (as nice as that may sound), actually don’t care much for you. It is however important that should we decide to criticise someone, that it is done in a kind and gentle way. Show genuine concern and not arrogance and change will happen, ultimately resulting in stronger relationships.

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