An A-Hole dentist shoots #CecilTheLion and Social Media Erupts

CLIkY6GUwAA1ajYThey say hunting is the only sport where your opponent does not know they are in the game! When real arseholes like Dr. Walter J. Palmer kill Cecil the collared Lion, you have to start questioning what type of person hunts? We already know that they are not just men who are poorly endowed, but also women who think they were born to be men with small members – honestly, hunting may have good conservation reasons, but the killing of animals that form part of our heritage just because you have too much money is a real shame. Perhaps these hunters should be dismembered first, and then allow them to decide if they still have enough energy to hunt in the first hour after their dismemberment, then give them a spear and let the opponent smell their blood. The idea may be barbaric, but it would certainly make hunting a fair sport.

Social Media has allowed us to understand many things about life and people, we know that life is about relationships and we are more accountable than we have ever been to the society around us. We cannot do the things our forefathers did and hope to get away with it. We should always remember we are social people who should behave professionally at all times.

As for the dentist he will be hunted for a long time and will probably never practice dentistry again, but then you never know – perhaps his dismembered hunting friends may need to have their teeth repaired after they too come into contact with the animal loving public.

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