Thoughts, Words, Actions and Behaviour

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.29.57 AMThoughts – What do we think about when we think and more importantly, What do YOU think, when YOU think about YOU? Our thoughts will determine our intention. This will determine the way we communicate, and ultimately our intention plays out in the actions we display. It is almost impossible to display actions which contradict your intentions. When we get our intention right, everything else has a chance of falling into place.

Words – As we have often heard words are powerful. Words inspire us and others to the point of choice, but words cannot motivate or change people. Words can only inspire others to make a decision to change. It is at this point that transformation begins and people are then able to motivate themselves to rise above the challenge of the circumstances they so often refer to. It’s only when we choose to have an attitude independent of circumstance then Circumstances … They have nothing to do with YOU.

Actions – Without action, Thoughts, Intentions and Words are exactly that. The old saying is so true that our actions speak so loud that people cannot hear us. It’s only when we get into action that people can follow us. They may have liked our thoughts and our words, but that can just be seen as manipulation if we are only thinking and talking and expecting them to get into action. NO, we need to back up our thoughts and words by our actions, it is ultimately our actions that set the example for others to follow. Without action we are wasting our time and there is nothing to follow.

Behaviour – When we are in action, setting the example based on our thoughts and our words, we begin to judge ourselves if this aligns with our original intention, and we are able to adjust how we do things. At this point our original intention is part of what we do and we are guided by this intention. Others judge us on our intentions too, they gather our intentions from our emotional or limbic communication which makes up 80% of our communication. Remember that we start by judging ourselves according to our intentions and others simply follow our example. If we think we never had an intention we will be judged by others in hindsight, and they will determine what our intention was – this is where our bad behaviour comes from. If we have no intention, we will default to our original programming and behaviour which often results in embarrassment.

When we are consistent in our behaviour we have influence, and others may even call us a leader – then continue that behaviour, so that the people will understand your actions through the consistency you display.

There are so many great quotes from powerful thinkers. I’m inspired by words, but I’m moved by actions. I admire behaviour. – Dr. Steve Maraboli

Photo credit: paraflyer / Foter / CC BY

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