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Writers Block, Coffee and other thoughts

Picasso once said that ‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working’. He was a thinker and often wondered about how we can remain children instead of growing up to be boring adults. Picasso also said that the chief … Continue reading

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Are you a Leader or just a Lazy Shit?

Have you ever wondered what the opposite of a leader is? Well the dictionary says it is a follower. In the academic masturbation of leadership theory where nothing gets done it probably is, but the if you are not intending … Continue reading

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Creativity and Conflict … I’ll do it my way dammit!

We are told that we should be creative, but we are hardly ever told what we should be creative about. If we assume that we are creating something, we usually create a mess. So what should we be creative about? … Continue reading

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Relationship Development

Collectively we have always spoken about leadership development, but yesterday I had an epiphany (meaning : a moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation) that we are naming it wrong. Words are important and if you would like to understand that concept … Continue reading

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Make every day #MandelaDay

The Mandela Day initiative was founded in honour of the late Nelson Mandela who spent 67 years of his life making the world a better place. You are asked to give 67 minutes back in memory of this great man. … Continue reading

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Rhythm and Routine

Life is all about relationships. Without relationships we would find it difficult to maintain our sanity and I suppose we might wonder if anyone actually could. This article is not about the merits of relationship but rather focuses on how we … Continue reading

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Mr. Macho Man could not save the poor Damsel!

We are told we have to be brave and strong, almost invincible. Yes that may have been true in the days of the caveman when our survival depended purely on our physical abilities; how efficient we were at hunting and … Continue reading

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Brainwash yourself by Listening

Brainwashing is defined as changing someone’s beliefs or attitudes using intense teaching and indoctrination through television, radio, magazines and other forms of mass media. Propaganda is present wherever the masses are and most of the time propaganda forms the ‘noise’ … Continue reading

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Rapid Personal Development

Many people think that personal development is about reading self-help books, and this is what my friend Steve Maraboli says about most of the books you thinking about …”A lot of books in the self-help section of your bookstore really … Continue reading

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Product Review – InnJoo One Smartphone

Last week I won a Smartphone, namely the InnJoo One Smartphone which is available at for R 2499,00. The smartphone looks like any other well known premium smartphone but is at least a third, if not a quarter of the … Continue reading

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