Giraffe Games

This is Giraffe turf and what is this noisy bird doing on our turf?



Set at Hongonyi Game Lodge…

On Saturday morning we were expecting guests from Joburg who were flying up for the weekend. The pilot had given me their ETA, and sure enough, right on schedule, I could hear the plane approaching. As is the normal thing to do, the pilot circled overhead, to adjust his approach. I was standing outside reception at the time, so I just watched out of interest to see exactly what plane was going to land. (Piper Cherokee). Then the pilot circled again… and again… and yet again. By now I was starting to think that there must be a problem with the airstrip or something. (We had prepared it well ahead of time, and had checked it again that morning).

Unbeknown to me, when student ranger Quinten had gone up to wait at the strip for the guests to arrive, he had found some of our…

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