Selling is Simple … Just sell yourself!

5327432805_f430987fbc_bThe concept of selling for most people can be daunting. I have a question for you: Have you ever been in a relationship? Yes … well then you have made your first sale already!

Real sales are relationship based, in fact everything we do in life is relationship and when we need to understand anything that involves human interaction we should be observing it from our understanding of a relationship. Of course if we have little understanding of relationship then that is exactly where we should start. Build on and strengthen your existing relationships; this may be the relationship with your parents, your brothers and sisters, your friends or your partner if you have one. When we learn to build relationships we will be strengthening our knowledge of human interaction and before you know it you will be a salesperson (not that pushy type you thinking about, just someone that others can trust because you think of their interests and needs first before your own – this is what relationship is all about. When we think of the needs of others before our own we build strong relationships and in turn if the relationship is truly meaningful they will think of your needs first. But there is a word of warning, don’t judge the process too soon, as you will need to put in 100% to get a return.

Is it easy? The title of this article is Selling is Simple, I did not say it was easy, but then relationships are successful according to the amount of effort we are prepared to invest into the relationship.

If we want to sell anything we should always remember they are asking WIIFM? We need to ask ourselves:

  • What is your intention, do you believe in your product? (Do you see yourself as a worthy individual, would you buy you?)
  • Is the product or service going to benefit the person we are trying to sell this item to? (Think if you were selling yourself, how would they benefit from being in a relationship with you? Will your kind loving nature or ability benefit them? Will they feel safe with you or will they feel that you might use them for what they have?)
  • Will it solve an existing problem they already have? Do they trust that you will be able to solve their problem? (They may have had a bad experience in the past, will it be different with you? How will you be able to build trust in this person?)

It is our behaviour that will ultimately determine our success, can we show our trustworthiness and consistency, will we be there through the good and the bad times, or are we only there for the good times and what we can get out of the relationship? The interesting fact is that they don’t have to wait and see what happens, as our intention will often communicate louder than our words and they will become suspicious of us if we have the wrong intention.

Yes in sales which are relationships, if our intention is pure we will build successful relationships. If not our so called prospects will only treat us as suspects!

If we are to think of ourselves as leaders the same rules apply, yes relationships are the basis of our existence, leaders which have influence are simply able to build and duplicate relationships better than others.

If a person has not mastered the art of relationships, thus building trust with those around them, you cannot actually call them a leader.

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk / Foter / CC BY-NC

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