Energy … Getting it and sustaining it!

4093925956_8d2ff93c38_oMotivation is a strange concept … Firstly we need to understand that no one can motivate anyone else, motivation is a choice you and I have, but it is a choice only we can make. We can choose to motivate ourselves once we are given the possibility of where we could go (this process is often referred to as inspiration). Therefore we can inspire others and they can choose to motivate themselves to join us at a higher emotional level, enabling them to function with more self awareness and ultimately lead to the significance they are looking for. My article titled Leading with Empathy – ‘The Emotional Code’ explains this a little more.

Life is all about relationship, when we are effective in relationships (personal, friendships or business), trust is present and our energy rises. Other people are attracted to our energy and they follow this example which is often referred to as leadership.

One way of getting more energy is to listen to others, the more we listen with empathy the more energy we will have. I recommend reading The ART of Listening … Leading and Selling as it may give you a deeper understanding of listening.

There is however something very strange and very true about energy, if you look for energy for yourself you will soon find that you never have enough energy, yet when you do things for others you will find that you have more than enough energy. So the real secret of energy and life lies in relationship with others. If we want to be an energetic person who is seen to be a leader amongst our peers, simply give your energy to others and you will soon find you have more than enough energy.

Please in this instance don’t just believe me, put this idea of giving your energy to others and please do tell me if I am wrong – I gladly accept criticism.

Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center /Foter / CC BY-NC-ND 

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