Until WHEN?

14863857719_7da460a890_cThere is a distinct difference between advice and what we actually need to hear. It is so important that we listen and distinguish, if someone is looking for ‘advice’ or looking for the truth. It is not difficult when you listen however as people looking for advice will ask you a question like ‘I would like your advice’. This does not mean they want your opinion or the truth however. Remember that you have no right to express your opinion or give them the truth unless they ask you for it. They will only ask you for your opinion or the truth if they trust you. So never assume people are asking you for your opinion or the truth, unless they specifically ask for it.

Let’s get back to the advice that people ask for … I have found that no matter what people are asking, whether is be advice on relationships, leadership or success. They seem to think that there is some kind of magic that can be applied and that once done it will always just miraculously happen. Here is a newsflash … It simply won’t.

Success (be it as a person, a leader or someone who is in a relationship) is a process not just simply a tick-box – the reality is it is never done, once you begin on the journey you just need to keep on keeping on. Whatever success you achieve, you just need to keep on duplicating and duplicating. If you need to ask yourself ‘Until WHEN?’ You probably need to take a long deep look at yourself, it is a possibility that you have not attained the discipline yet to achieve success.

That is what I’ve found to be true, that is my honest opinion and I do apologise if you were just looking for some trivial advice.

Photo credit: Brett Jordan / Foter / CC BY

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