Women’s Liberation is flawed, but real Women know that!

2487075209_51fc27baa7_oIt’s women’s month, and the focus is on women and the vital role they play in our society. We know women are the nurturers of our society and women hold the family together; when it comes to relationships women often lead the family. Men should be secure enough with this and manage the process, as opposed to feeling insecure and trying to control the process. It’s the insecurity of people who cause a break-down in relationships; when we are able to support, rather than criticise, we begin achieving great things as teams and family is the first understanding we have of how a team should operate.

We could argue that it is because the family structure has eroded that we have the problems we have today, but identifying a problem will never result in us finding a solution. So let’s look at how we can be more effective in our relationships, as ultimately we will succeed in building better families and teams.

The liberation we need is not a separatist approach, but rather an inclusive understanding that life is about relationships. The relationships that need to be built are with all people and not specific groups, cultures or genders. Real relationship is about connecting with individuals and having meaningful connections with them. When we succeed in building meaningful relationships, we will begin to change the world one relationship at a time.

Just imagine the compound effect that you start when you build a relationship. If you were to build a new relationship every week, and each of those people you have built a relationship with duplicate what you have started, and also build a relationship per week – you personally would have built 52 new relationships in a year and the compound effect would be that hundreds of thousands of people would be touched by this initiative.

Remember that although women may be the nurturers, we all have a role to play and it is up to each and every one of us to build relationships and change the world.

Let these relationships we will be building be strong and meaningful, relationships that will impact our families and the teams we work with, so that we may live better lives.

Photo credit: fla via / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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