Social Business (Part Two) – What is a Social Business?

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 12.34.53 PMA Social Business is a relational business that is engaged, transparent and can rapidly change. It engages with it’s customers, partners and employees in new and exciting ways. It is transparent in that it opens up and gives direct access to subject matter experts. And its nimble because it can react really quickly when you get the right people together getting the job done.

Arguably every business is a social business because every business has people in it; and people presumably are intrinsically social.  So I don’t think it’s a question of bringing it into the business, I think it’s a question of unlocking it, but just how do we unlock the intrinsically social within us?

It all comes down to relationship, are we able to build effective relationships so that we can understand each others strengths and then be able to become a little bit more vulnerable so that we can continue to build strong teams, by utilising the individual strengths and relational connections we have.

A Social Business is all about Leadership

We cannot hope to be a social business without the correct leadership, but then what is correct leadership? Lets think about this and THINK … Do we need OPEN Leadership? or will we need some theoretical jargon about leadership styles pumped into us. No undoubtedly we need a new approach to leadership and that is the simple answer of understanding that everything we do in life is about relationships.

If we can be OPEN to new ideas, that are completely RANDOM and sometimes completely off topic, with no facts and just emotions. Then we can be SUPPORTIVE of the people around us, ensuring that we have their best interests at heart and not our own. Then we are on our way to being a Social Business.

‘We will require leadership to articulate a social business vision beyond marketing and communications, while also ensuring a governance structure is in place to keep an increasing number of autonomous departments and employees acting together to support a unified, cross-channel customer (and employee) experience.’* 


In summary we could define a Social Business as a fabulous experience for the customer and employee alike – yes our customers will only be as happy as our employees are. Let’s begin to think about who we are actually serving and where our profits really come from and we will be on our way to being a successful Social Business.

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