Social Business (Part Five) – Executive, C-Suite and Board Participation

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 8.57.47 AMA social business is the future and will ensure that you stay competitive in today’s changing world. Not only will you stay competitive you will be less likely to be disrupted by trends as you will more than likely be part of the trends. Of course the inverse is true if you are not a social business or have decided to wait and see if this will simply pass by and you can go back to doing real business.

Is Social Business real business?

Yes indeed Social Business is real business, but it should never be viewed as a new way of doing business. In fact social business is the way we did business before we learnt how to do business from the MBA courses. The problem with the MBA courses is that they were usually designed by academics who had never really been in business. Yet the world bought into the concept, which was predominantly founded from the need for corporations to institutionalise its people. The Closed Selective and Controlling environment was created and controlled using academic qualifications like the MBA. A social business is far more Open Random and Supportive, more collaborative and thus more innovative. This approach to social business also encourages that we work together as opposed to viewing everyone as a threat.

Whose decision is it to be a Social Business?

If the decision does not happen at board level for a business to transform into a social business, it will never truly happen and you will remain an institution for as long as people want to work for the organisation. The organisation will simply die a slow death and the competitors (who are social businesses) will gradually erode you client base away from you. When it is a board decision to be a social business, then the possibilities are endless and the organisation will be in for some really exciting transformation and growth.

What about Leadership?

Life is all about relationships, good relationships lead to trust and where there is trust present you will find that leaders are in the organisation. Everything in life is about leadership, starting with the way we lead ourselves in our personal lives, in our homes, in our leisure activities and at work. Social business works and is successful because people respect the relationships we have with each other. We respect our colleagues and our customers, we do what we say we going to do – not because we are expected to do that or told to do so, but because we know that our input is important to the success of the process. At the same time we never waste each others time by asking people to do trivial tasks simply to keep them busy. We find creative ways of engaging and collaborating to use peoples time effectively and show them recognition for their input.

Social business is about leadership and the example set by the leaders is easy to follow. We duplicate what we see and that is why social business will be more effective than the institutions who needed a system to keep everyone working, regardless of whether they were actually contributing to the bottom line or not.

Make the decision to explore how becoming a social business can work for your organisation.

Photo credit: Rosaura Ochoa / Foter / CC BY

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