Social Business (Part Six) – Employee Advocacy and External Engagement

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 1.29.48 PMIn the past five articles we looked at the practicalities of being a Social Business we covered the following topics: What is a Social Business?  The Integration of Social with Digital A Multi Year Digital Strategy and Executive, C-Suite and Board Participation. We will now look at practical ways of implementig the ideas on becoming a social business.

Employee Advocacy 

People love to talk and gossip when given the opportunity. The idea within a social business context is to encourage people to talk and collaborate. When they happen to gossip it will be to tell their friends about the work experience they are having. If the business is moving towards a social business, they will speak about the changes and the challenges they are having with change. We always knew change was going to happen, however most people never thought transformation would take place (or perhaps they hoped it would not). Ultimately your employees are you biggest asset in any company – they are your greatest ‘word of mouth’ sales people, your best customer relationship people and the greatest reflection of the leadership within the company. In short the employees mirror what is happening in the organisation to the world. The leaders need to decide if these are appreciating or depreciating assets (see my article: People are the Companies’ Assets ).

What about the Silo’s?

The what … are we farmers that we need somewhere to store our maize? In a social business there are no silo’s and very little hierarchy, most of the structures are very flat and people are hired because they are people focused and solution orientated, there is very little room for the people who intent it was to hide in the system, besides the system is almost indistinguishable and is a seamless part of the social business.

People simply collaborate and if silo’s did exist they slowly disappear. Of course old style managers realise this and will resist the transformation to a social business until they become obsolete are retrenched or simply fired.

External Engagement

The predominant focus of any social business is external engagement – yes the old rule of if we not selling we not growing still governs the organisation. A social business seeks to engage and build relationships with suppliers and customers alike. This ensures a win win situation for all and brings sustainable stability to the organisation.

It all comes back to leadership, it the leadership manages to maintain good internal relationships, the external relationships will also be good. Most importantly the customer will only be as happy as our employees.

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