Is the Boss a leader?

bossA boss is not a leader, if they have to tell you what to do they are simply a manager. One could judge them as a good or bad manager depending on their ability to effectively communicate but that does not make them a leader. A person only becomes a leader when people decide to follow the example they are displaying through their actions and behaviour.

The value system of the leader, becomes the value system of the people who follow the leader. Leadership rises and falls on this statement, nothing is more true. Every action of the leader is duplicated in the followers. If the leaders example is good and has strong values this becomes the values of the followers. If the leader has weak values, the example in some cases is not so much a duplication but more a justification and an excuse; if the leader can do it then so can we. Many don’t necessarily see this as leadership, however if you are influencing people in one way or another you are a leader.

BOSS vs Leader

The boss tells you what to do, although they think they know what is to be done – they have probably never done it successfully themselves. These are the typical managers we encounter in many organisations – like the sales manager who cannot sell, the communications manager who cannot communicate and the person who has a title but cannot lead. (Notice that I did not refer to them as a leader).

REMEMBER : If you need to tell people you are a leader, you most likely not a leader. It is the decision of your followers whether you are a leader or not.

Photo credit: @davestone / Foter / CC BY-SA

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