Thatching Grass Rhino

“Do Rhinos make their huts out of Thatching Grass?”


Black Rhino in Boma 2

The eight pairs of eyes regarding me widened noticeably as I began my usual briefing: “You must remember you are riding in an area with potentially dangerous game…”  Rocky, my trusty lead horse stamped his foot hard to emphasise the point. Patting him, I continued running through the situations we might encounter on our horse safari, describing the hand signals we used, as well as some vital points to remember  – like never let go of your reins entirely, do not take photos unless told it is safe to do so, and so on. All of our safari groups got the same talk before heading off on their first ride into the game reserve, and this group, like most groups before them, nodded and said yes each time I asked if they understood  everything I was saying.  Having finished the formalities, we duly headed off on our ride.

After two…

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