Resistance is vital for Growth … Inspired by @AdriaanG_LP

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 1.58.10 PMMy friend Adriaan Groenewald from the Leadership Platform Radio show on has a central theme to Leadership which is called the Law of Movement and for this to be effective you need the Law Of Resistance. Although many of us may not consider ourselves to be leaders, probably because we have taken the literal meaning of leadership instead of the real meaning of leadership which is ‘to lead our own lives in such a way that our example becomes that which influencers others.’

We only grow when there is adversity and the resistance that comes from those who disagree with us. In fact I believe this to such an extent that I often thank the people who have criticised me, as they have caused me to grow faster than anyone who has actually agreed with me. Notice I have not used the word constructive criticism, there are ways to criticise constructively as opposed to destructively and the WikiHow – Criticize Constructively is a great source to get your critical communication right. I never ask for constructive criticism as I want the truth from people, I would rather they don’t sugarcoat it. Should the criticism turn out to be destructive, I always know that the destruction is more a reflection on the thinking and behaviour of the person criticising me and often becomes an opportunity for me to help them. Yet I recognise that not everybody is capable of accepting the truth about themselves and the people they are interacting with.

An example I often use is that should you read any of my books and tell me that you thought my book was good, I can assume that you have probably not read my book. Stating that my book is good is almost saying nothing. Surely the whole book was not good and perhaps I was a little vague in certain areas, we all have different personalities and different needs. Therefore what is sufficient for me may not be sufficient for you and I would like to hear this, thus saying my book is good probably means that it was not read or did not impact you and that would of been a comment that I could of found useful.

Are we afraid to resist because we may be asked for our opinion? When we have an opinion then we will need to justify why we feel that way. Could this be the reason why many people refuse to have an opinion or if they have an opinion are afraid to express their opinion publicly? Perhaps we have become too complacent, is it the duty of someone else to express an opinion or are you going to be the person who has an opinion? Having an opinion is when you actually get noticed and if we don’t get noticed then we have not even started to fulfil our first profession and that is to be a leader – be someone that others can follow, set the example that is worth following as others are waiting for you to e the leader you were destined to be.

Photo credit: A.MASH / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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