Are we actually CONNECTED or are we just being Social?

3086953409_42dfb1bd44_oSocial Media has been with us for a while now; many people use it and the technology associated has definitely enabled communication to flow better. I have also noticed how seamlessly it has integrated with the game of life, better than planned ‘gamification’ strategies and specialised apps. However, the question that needs to be asked is – are we just being social or are we actually connecting?

Being social is rather superficial; we can socialise at work for instance and never see those people other than at work functions. Yet we know that being social should lead to better connections with people who have similar interests to us. The people who we find interesting, and those we would build strong relationships with, are those we are truly connected to. Thus would it not be more beneficial to look for people who we can become connected with? Would this not be better networking and more efficient use of our time?

Has the hype gone from Social Media?

In my opinion, yes, the hype has gone; but the popularity of Social Media is at an all time high with FaceBook recently recording a billion logged in users in one day. The hype however, where everybody is talking and following each other like sheep on the platforms, has moved to a more focused approach of what our interests are. FaceBook itself has algorithms to curate what you like, so that you can get what you are ‘normally’ looking for.

I have noticed that even the traditional Twitter broadcast approach has changed, and people want more specific and less general information – they are no longer impressed, like our parents were, by general knowledge, but will follow people for their specific and specialised knowledge that these people are prepared to share freely on the social platforms.

If we hope to be connected, then we need to realise that we need to provide the specific information around the interests of not just our followers, but also information needed by the people we are connected to.

Social is OUT – CONNECTED is IN

The one brush for all, or shotgun approach, will soon be a thing of the past. We need to remember that it is people we are connecting with … Being social is like giving everyone at the party the same food and drinks. When we are connected, we know the specific tastes of the friends we have invited and cater for them. This is the approach that makes the difference and keeps people wanting to be connected to us. We think about their needs, so they will remember us. This is what real life and relationships are about – CONNECTEDNESS!

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