Connecting or Wasting Your Time? … Social R.O.I.

8562448300_0c2c785096_hA few days ago I wrote an article titled Are we actually CONNECTED or are we just being Social? and subsequently I have had many discussions around the topic. Everyone I have connected with agrees that it is no longer sufficient just to be social, but the real measurement is have you connected?

How will you know when you have actually connected?

When you walk away from a meeting knowing that you know exactly what the needs of the person you have just met are, then you know you have connected with them. If you did not connect at this level then you were just being social and it could be said that you were actually wasting our time. Read WIIFM if you are uncertain about this concept.

Social Media is just part of the toolkit we are currently using to accomplish what we have always needed to accomplish. We should never see any technology as a complete solution, because there is no solution without human interaction. Therefore our strategy, and every move we do, should have the goal of bringing us closer to human connection and ultimately our customers. Technology is only an enabler, and we should remember that we are more inherently lazy than we are productive, and can easily fall into the trap of thinking technology will do our jobs for us – it never will!

Life is about connecting and accomplishing the things we need to accomplish, remember that the whole world is made up of millions of other people with one small exception … You, yes you, are created to be unique and it may just be time to realise that we can only be effective by being effective in the lives of others.

R.O.I. – Return on Investment

We should always remember that we are given the choice to determine our own success, therefore being effective with our time becomes the only thing that is important. How will you measure the time you have used? Will it be in how many games you have watched on the television or how many hours you have spent socialising? Or will we actually decide to get serious about using our time effectively and connecting with old friends and new friends alike, finding out what they need and trying to be a better friend to them?

The more I observe life, the more I realise that there is very little difference between what we call our social lives and our work lives when it comes to interacting with people.

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2 Responses to Connecting or Wasting Your Time? … Social R.O.I.

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  2. This article hits home for me personally and socially. I talk to hundreds of people a day without ever feeling like I truly connected. It’s a new day to start again!!!


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